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Här är ett förslag på hur ett intro till spelet skulle kunna se ut. Ett bildspel som spelaren får se när han/hon startat ett nytt spel.
Kommentera gärna, både grafiker och designerns, om ni tycker att något borde ändras eller om det blir för många bilder o.s.v. Detta är som sagt bara ett första förslag. ^_^


1. Bild på en rysk stad med kyrkkupoler, i siluett. (Kan vara samma som startskärmsbilden?)
Ah, so you’ve come to hear a story? Very well. Hmmm, let me think… ah, yes, I know!

2. Bild på Antosha Rozhdestvensky som sitter och tillverkar dockorna.
About a hundred years ago, a painter and a woodworker made the first of hundreds of sets of little babushka dolls, the hollow things you know, you can put the smaller ones inside the bigger ones? Yes, well, the story is not about those men, but a young craftsman named Antosha Rozhdestvensky. He was renowned throughout Moscow for the exquisite works of art that he produced,

3. Bild på kvinnan som pratar med Antosha och ser förväntansfull ut.
and so a wealthy noblewoman one day approached him to request a very special surprise gift for her husband: a set of babushka dolls unlike any other!

The woman was not exaggerating; her order was for a set of eight living babushka dolls, a little family of them to soothe the pain of an elderly couple who had lost their only child to a terrible illness and to keep them company through their autumn years. Any other craftsman would have thought her insane, but Antosha was not merely skilled; people said he regularly spoke to spirits, and the man’s wits must have been sharp, for it is said the spirits favored him and would help him from time to time.

4. Bild på Antosha när han presenterar dockorna för paret, alternativt bara en bild på dockorna.
The lady’s order was accepted, and after a year’s work, the artisan presented her what had been promised. Delighted, the noble couple paid the man generously, and he was able to live quite comfortably for some time.

(Bilden blir svart, endast text.)
What’s really interesting, though, is that the dolls did not die with their owners, who passed away peacefully a decade or so later;

5. Bild på dockorna på en loppmarknad.
they were bought and sold a number of times, and eventually ended up at a flea market.

6. Samma bild scrollas eller zoomas ut och man ser en liten flicka som pekar uppspelt på dockorna.
There, the dolls were found by a little girl who was browsing with her parents. The child noticed one of the dolls moving and winking at her, and she nagged at her parents until they finally agreed to buy the whole set for her. Said and done, the little family had a new home.

7. Bild på flickan som leker med dockorna på vinden, dockorna lever runt och är glada.
As she loved her dolls, the daughter played with them everywhere; in her room, out in the yard, even in the kitchen. She was fascinated with the way they were able to move on their own, as well as the way they could separate and join together.

Now, the father of the household had a tendency to drink a glass of vodka with his breakfast.

8. Bild på köksbordet där pappan sitter och flickan leker med Irta.
One day, when the girl was playing with the babushka called Irta in the kitchen after breakfast, she accidentally spilled the bottle of vodka on her; the results were catastrophic.

9. Bild på Irta när hon blåser ut eld, och pappans reaktion i bakgrunden.
The little babushka, soaked with alcohol, couldn’t resist the urge to bounce wildly around the top of the kitchen table, her cheeks even rosier than usual. All of a sudden she came to a halt and flared up, disgorging a mighty breath of flame that set the tablecloth on fire. The father had witnessed the whole thing and only just managed to extinguish the conflagration.

Both parents agreed that the dolls had proven themselves too dangerous for a child to play with, and so they resolved to hide them.

10. Bild på en dammig och ledsen babushka med en liten tår i örat, undangömd i en låda på vinden.
Devastated by this news and not knowing what to do, the girl scattered her babushkas around the places where she’d played with them. Those her parents managed to find were locked in the attic, where they stayed for several years.

11. Bild på Nadezhda, som står på golvet på vinden. Det är dunkelt och dammigt men en liten ljusstrimma från fönstergluggen skiner ner på hennes beslutsamma ansikte.
Nadezhda, the second smallest babushka, was one of the few that had been found. Unhappy with her place in the attic, little Nadezhda grew to miss her family so much that she overcame her fear of the many dangers she knew were lurking in the outside world, and set out to find her sisters…

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